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Looking to better engage your learners through gamification?
Ilmu Lab


Our Method

Gamification can greatly increase engagement and performance in tasks.

Using mechanisms like positive feedback loops, rewards, competition, Ilmu Lab can boost motivation in learners to participate and succeed.


Ilmu Lab adds Storytelling and Gamification to your content, turning 'boring' tasks into exciting quests and training missions.

Players earn levels, badges, and rewards, progressing their character and story, making the work/learning experience both more fun, and effective.



About Us

Our Values & Mission 
We care deeply about education. When we saw our own children struggling with online classes we decided to create this platform. We want to make online learning something Teacher and Students can both enjoy. 

Our Background
Ilmu-Lab is founded by a diverse team hailing from education, tech, and games. We built this tool combining the best of our know-how from personal experience teaching, to how we play games in our personal lives. 


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